Help me, WordPress users, how do I get an RSS link list?

I use WordPress because I hate google. That’s literally the only reason I didn’t went with blogspot like most people.

But one feature I really like on blogspot pages is the list of links, that displays the latest post on each site and sorts the pages according to which ones had a new post the most recently.

I want that too, but apparently, inexplicably, wordpress doesn’t have it by default. This is something that should be easy enough to do with a plugin, but all the plugins for RSS feed widgets are way too fancy, cluttering up the whole sidebar with completely unnecessary crap. Does anyone know of a plugin that lets you make a list of RSS feeds in the sidebar as on blogspot pages?

(To comment on this site, you can leave a comment without needing to leave any credentials or having to use a google account. I want to use this opportunity to one again voice my frustration that I would leave three or four times more comments on other peoples sites if I could do so without logging into a google account. Maybe I’m a luddite, marxist weirdo about this, but maybe consider that you could possibly get more comments if you let people comment without google accounts.)

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  1. I wish I could help you with the RSS widget–it is something that I have been searching for in vain as well. Inexplicable indeed–a technical limitation or business-model choice or what?

    And I strongly share your frustration with blogs that require a google sign-in for comments. It’s ridiculous. I suspect that I would rarely ever NOT be in a comment-section conversation if not for this restriction.

    1. I found various plugins that are capable of all the required functions.
      There just doesn’t seem to be any that doesn’t also clutter it up with lots of needless additional features that can’t be disabled.

  2. I use the built-in RSS widget on my site. You can see it in operation in the sidebar of the RPG Blog Carnival page on my site.

    There are two drawbacks two using this widget.

    First, it doesn’t include the site name in the listing, just the title of the post. There are some other options for the author and date, just not the site name – which I find odd.

    Second, it will only accept a single RSS feed as input, so I manage the feed via Inoreader but just about any RSS aggregator will do the trick.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Being a WordPress user too, I was precisely wondering about this like a couple months ago. After sampling a couple plugins I finally settled down with Feedzy RSS. It requires a bit of fiddling, but the result is kinda what I remembered the RSS blogroll on Blogger was.

    You can take a look at how I implemented it by entering in any post on my blog, it’s on the bottom of the right column.

    Oh, and I think I’d really add your blog to the “Más blogs de rol en inglés” category ;-)

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