If I were to make my own B/X hack…

    • Attack rolls are made with 1d20 + class level bonuses + equipment bonus against 10 + Dexterity modifier + equipment bonus.
    • The four saving throws are Physical, Mental, Evasion, and Magic.
    • Attack bonuses and saving throws increase linear with levels.
    • No prime requisite ability requirements and no XP modifiers for high or low scores.
    • Fighter, thief, mystic (cleric), sorcerer (mage), scout (halfling), warlock (elf), shaman, and scoundrel as character classes.
    • No mechanical impact from character background or origin.
    • Thief and scout skills use 2d6.
    • Spells are prepared with spell slots, but casting is limited by spells per day.
    • Encumbrance is based on number of items carried, with encumbrance limits deriving from the Strength score.
    • Heavy loads increase the number of rest turns in dungeons instead of slowing movement speed.
    • Dungeon exploration are structured around exploring one area per turn, instead of progressing a distance in feet.
    • Weapons and armor are not restricted by class.
    • Spellcasting and thief skills are limited by encumbrance instead of armor type.
    • Different rules for ships.
    • A strictly 6-mile hex based travel system that always results in distances in 6-mile increments.

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