Matthew Colville explains running a game

Two years ago I made a post about a video series about making a character in every edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Yesterday I went to check if the series had been continued, and it did. And not only that, Matt also recently started a series in which he talks about the basics of running a campaign and teaching new players.

One year ago, I wrote another post in reply to something the Angry GM wrote about the failures of game publishers to adress the teaching of gamemasters to run their games.

I think Angry is one of the best people around who really is making a big effort to explain the gamemaster side of RPGs. But having made my way through the last two months of Matt’s videos, I think he’s at least a very close second. I think for many people, he might actually be even much more of a help as he is so far adressing more of the basics in a well presented manner, while Angry goes pretty deep into quite advanced stuff in his own unique and particular style.

I think he’s doing a really good job at keeping things clear and easy to follow, while still packing a lot of content into each video. Even as someone who has been running games on and off for the last 16 years, I still enjoy them very much, even when it’s sometimes just nodding along in agreement on things I had a hunch on. But it really is stuff that every new GM wishes would be explained in the rulebooks. (But it never is.)

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