Voting for Gemmell Awards has opened (last week)

With all the feather ruffling about the Hugo Awards and the mud slinging and bitch slapping about what the awards should stand for, I mentioned at Black Gate that the people who want space adventure books over socially thoughtful science fiction could simply make their own award without getting into indignified fights with the Hugo people. For example there have been the Gemmell Legend, Morningstar, and Ravenheart Awards for heroic fantasy for a few years, which to my knowledge have been very well received by fans of this type of fantasy.

And as someone has pointed out to me, the voting phase for this years Gemmell awards has just opened. You can just go here and vote for the works you enjoyed the most. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I haven’t read any of those on the lists, as I don’t really read a lot and most of it are old classics.

Though I am currently reading Blood of Elves, which I didn’t know got the first Legend award in 2009. (Even though the Polish version had been released 15 years earlier, but whatever. It’s a really cool book.)

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