Fantasy Safari: The Theragraphica (Atlantis), Part 2

Chapter 3: Atlantis

The Apata Ori appear like the heads of giant stone statues but are in fact some kind of spirits. Usually they slumber in places near natural concentrations of magical energy but awaken when someone disturbes these magical fields. Then they fly into the air with the glow of lava coming from their angry eyes and screaming mouths. They shout in voices that sound like grating stones, but their speech is usually intelligible to almost anyone. When an Apata Ori attacks, it surrounds itself with a spinning cloud of sharp shards of bronze, which it can throw at targets up to 50 meters away and shred anything that gets too close to it. They also cast spells like a sorcerer.

A Diomekses is an atlantean horse of the finest breeding and stature, but has been corrupted by the evil god Ba’al. It often stands near roads for wanderers to come by and approach to capture it. Then ir reveals it’s maw full of sharp teeth and attempts to swallow the person in one pice. Which is obviously way too big for an ordinary horse to swallow so there has some massive jaw stretching to go on that defies ordinary physics.

The Loving Dead is one of the weirdest ideas for an undead I’ve come across. And not necessarily in a good way. It’s the corpse of a dead person that rises from its grave to seek company among the living. When it finds a target it hypnotizes it with its gaze, takes the person back to its resting place, and then suffocates it with its embrace over several hours.

The Ubuze is a tiny insect that is believed to feed on magic minerals used by the Atlanteans in their magic creations. They produce a soft blue light similar to fireflies and also small amounts of heat. Ubuze are attracked to shiny surfaces like polished metal or gems and have some means to attract more of their kind when they find any such object. Sometimes miners breed swarms of these tiny animals and release them in the night to be lead to any valuable metal deposites in the area. In the wilderness, a swarm of ubuze can be seen from miles away and is usually the sign of some valuables being exposed to the air, which of course does attract a lot of attentions from other people in the area. A swarm of ubuze might get quite annoying when adventurers try to secretly carry treasures through the wilds and make the job a lot more difficult. There once was a sorcerer who created a magc crystal that could attract any ubuze within a vast area. The swarm it attracted was so massive that their combined heat burned down an entire city before the gem got stolen and safely stored away.

Chapter 4: Elysium

The region of Elysium coveres the Pacific Ocean and its numerous islands.

The Ngurai is an undead shapechanger. At night it comes from its grave and turns into a huge, rotting rat to kill crops, destroy boats, and spread disease. They come for people who have offended the laws of the gods first, but will eventually kill everyone on the island if they are not destroyed first. Sometimes they will even try to reach other islands to continue their foul hauntings.

A Uhinipili is a creature that is half man, half hammerhead shark that feeds on carrion and will dig up corpses to eat. It looks really cool, but unfortunately the description doesn’t really give any hint why they would be any more of a nuisance. Someone vandalizing graveyards isn’t exactly heroic by itself.

Chapter 5: Eria

Eria covers the lands of North America.

The Manidoon is a single unique undead creature that haunts the lands of Eria. It’s a huge collection of corpses that have fused together into a single massive worm three meters wide and fifty meters long. Though the hundreds of mouths all over its body are shouting curses all over each other, there appears to be a single face at the front of the creature. Among all the rotting corpses is the single body of a living and sleeping human child. The strength of this creature is as massive as its size and it’s hit points are almost off the charts. However, if somewhere where to kill the child, it would destroy the entire creature. It looks really cool and sounds very fun for a first encounter, but as presented here it’s perhaps a bit too enigmatic. What does it do?

Wihmbahgs are undead created by the evil god Ba’al. They are dried and mummified corpses of people and animals, but are in fact completely hollow and filled with stinking fumes and swarms of buzzing insects. They are most interesting when they are upgraded, which makes them surrounded by a cloud of toxic gas and drain the life force of living creatures, presumedly through the insects draining their blood.

Worm Wood is presumed to be an elder god, who manifests in Eria in the form of numrous white and bloated worms. The worms burrow inside living animals or trees and then eat them up from the inside. Then they replace the muscles and organs with a wave of fibrous strands, which they use to control the rotting and hollow shell of a body. If a body is destroyed but the worm allowed to live, it will seek out a new body to take over. Potentially the same person who just destroyed the previous body and assumed it to be a simple zombie. Worm Wood himself always uses a perfectly preserved humanoid body of seemingly excelent health and shape as his own avatar.

Theragraphica Cliche Creature Counter:

  • Evil Apes: 3
  • Variant Ghouls: 6
  • Demon Dogs: 1
  • Skeletons with Robes: 1

Fantasy Safari Score:

  • Evil Apes: 15
  • Variant Ghouls: 12
  • Demon Dogs: 7
  • Skeletons with Robes: 7

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