Fantasy Safari: Bestiary of the Hyborian Age, Part 2

Starved Ones are basically zombies or ghouls who are constantly decaying at a relative rapid rate, losing 10% of their hit points every day. They regain their full strength and can regenerate decayed or lost body parts by eating the matching parts and organs of a dead creature. However, the newly regrowing organ will have the appearance of the organ that was consumed, not the form of the originally lost parts.
There’s some potential here, but I think how scary they will actually be depends a lot on the GMs imagination for what kinds of corpses the starved ones are feeding.

Tentacle Spawn are rather weak demons but tend to appear in large numbers. They are not actually individual creatures but rather just the ends of tentacles of much more massive and horrible beings from beyond this world, which often come grasping through portals much to small to allow the passage of the abominations entire body. I think they are making a great addition to encounters with evil sorcerers and the like and are more part of a dangerous environment than actual enemies themselves. Still, treating them as individual creatures would probably make a good job to make them appear as real threats.
The Black Spawn of Jullah (see part 1) serve as conduits to the realms of otherworldly horrors and can let tentacle spawn burst from their bodies.

A Wind Ghost is a type of air elemental that has no own physical shape, but can manifest in the form of dust and small debris picked up by the wind and forming into a large, roughly shaped face. They attack by picking up small objects in the wind and throwing them at their oponents. They can also cause very strong winds around them to throw any enemy around.

The Yaggites are one of the really unique types of creatures found in the world of Conan. Yaggites are humanoid creatures of tall stature and with green skin, but their most striking trait are their heads that have a very close resamblance to elephants. Their homeworld of Yag was destroyed by their own kings and the survivors spread throughout the universe. Yaggites are highly magical creatures and powerful sorcerers. Originally the Yaggites also had wings, which allowed them to travel through space, but something about Earth caused their wings to disappear and any who came to visit this world ended up trapped, unable to return to the stars.

Yothga is one of my favorite creatures from any Conan stories. It is a plant originally from the planet Yag, which was brought to Earth by Yaggites, probably by accident. Yothga grows to a massive size, its roots reaching impossibly deep into the ground, and it is said they are reaching down all the way into hell. While it is not a sentient creature, it preys on living creatures by poisoning them with its leafy tendrils. The poison is clouding the minds of any creatures and once the minds of its prey are completely gone, yothgas large red flowers drink the souls from its victims mouths. This process can take weeks or months, depending on the victims strength. If yothga can not feed on a regular basis, it becomes dormant and can no longer use it’s tendrils to grab new victims. It’s leaves are still poisonous though, and any creature that touches them for too long will fall unconscious and allow the plant to feed to regain its strength.

 Bestiary of the Hyborian Age Cliche Creature Counter:

  • Evil Apes: 10
  • Variant Ghouls: 4
  • Demon Dogs: 2
  • Skeletons with Robes: 1

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