A new map for the Ancient Lands?

Pretty much entirely by accident I stumbled upon this map posted by Dariel at Hari Ragat.


I’ve been struggling with a good geographical layout for the Ancient Lands for quite a while and so far had only decided to have a big ocean in the east and use the landscape and environments of eastern Asia an inspiration. I’ve always been more fascinated by the very blurry references to Lemuria and Mu in pre-cataclysmic fantasy than by boring old Atlantis. The RPG Atlantis: The Second Age has some very fun ideas for these other two ancient continent, making them the home of intelligent apes and the serpentment (who are a pulp version of naga, which happen to be from that corner of the world).

I am not going to have the Ancient Lands be set on ancient Earth, but using “ancient eastern Asia” as a rough outline for the basic concept seems really very appealing to me right now. And there’s still going to be elves, giants, and dragons, but it’s most likely going to look much more like Xen’drik from Eberron.

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