10 Years of This

According to my first post, this page has been up for 10 years today.

Go, me!

Yeah, I don’t think there’s really anything profound to say about the occasion. When I decided to take a shot at setting up a site like this, they already had their greatest days behind them and the great buzz was quieting down. And while there might be a case for this kind of thing having fallen out of fashion, I actually think I’m having more readers now than I ever did before. At least going by the amount and quality of comments I’ve been getting over the last year.

I really wasn’t one of the old crowd and I think still somewhat feel like being that new guy who joined the party much later. But given that most of the oldest sites are also just 14 years old now, that difference has probably become pretty insignificant. I was thinking a while back how it seems that most of the original crowd have been gone by now, but when I checked all the sites I remember as being the big ones that everyone quoted and referred to regularly, it turned out that almost all of the sites are still up, and probably some 70% or more have had new posts in the last few year. But for a lot of them, this has become three or four posts per year. Which is a shame, as I really liked a lot of them. But that does give some context to me still doing some four to eight posts every months. And while I rarely think that I have something big and meaningful about RPGs to tell the world, I really don’t feel like I’m running out of stuff to share anytime soon.

I think putting a notification for every new post here on Mastodon has made a big difference for feeling that my stuff is getting more attention now than in used to be for most of the time I’ve been running this site. It’s something I’d recommend to anyone running a site like this. Or even is thinking about starting one. I’m still finding new ones that I never heard of before, and some are really good. This party nowhere getting near to being over.

And I think another 10 years from now, I’m probably still doing this.

4 thoughts on “10 Years of This”

    1. I think it’s going really well.

      You can follow the #ttrpg tag (and whatever other tag you want) with any account from any instance. But with an account on the dice.camp instance, you can see a feed of all the public posts on that instance and most of the people mostly post RPG stuff. It’s currently at a scale where you can easily browse all the posts that are posted on a given day without getting buried. Which I think makes dice.camp a good instance for people who want Mastodon for RPG stuff, since you can get a good look at what people and tags have interesting RPG material when your personal custom feed is still empty.

  1. I’ve been reading the blog for a while now, and I’m glad you keep it going.

    1. I still feel this is mostly ADHD induced rambling that repeats itself and rarely is going anywhere.
      But it’s clearly doing something for some people. Which is good enough for me.

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