Wizards of the Coast are shitheads!

I was thinking about an appropriate title for this post, but since I am hosting this site on my own rented web space in Germany, I can call it what it is.

Anyone who’s been following WotC’s history of social sensitivity and awareness to any degree knows that it’s always been an embarrassing shitshow. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are just totally oblivious of what they do and have no conception that there might be anything wrong about it.

I usually don’t bother getting involved with these things about who use this or that insensitive or loaded word and all the drama around it, but this takes the cake.

For the annual marketing event of queer pride month, WotC is releasing queer themed downloads to show their proud support of queers. Content that is region locked. So as to not offend foreign markets where they would like to continue doing business without impact to their profits.

You fucking shitheads!

I’ve never been involved in any of this queer pride stuff, but the whole supposed idea behind queer pride month is to stand up against discrimination. And they bow down to kiss the feet of those who are discriminating.

I just don’t have words. Scummy comes to mind, but that’s not even in the right ballpark. That’s more like Nestle making selfies handing out a bottle of their own branded water to people dying of thirst. Or the NRA trying to console the relatives of shooting victims by handing out free guns so they can feel safer now. Though the later sounds like something that they probably do.

But Wizards of the Coast are fucking shitheads. I don’t see them anyone getting fired tomorrow over this stunt.

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