Shield: AC +2, 50 sp, weight 1.

Helmet: AC 11 + Dex, 100 sp, weight 1.

Light Armor: AC 12 + Dex, 450 sp, weight 2.

Medium Armor 1: AC 14 + Dex (max. +2), Stealth disadvantage, 500 sp, weight 2.

Medium Armor: AC 15 + Dex (max. +2), Stealth disadvantage, 2,000 sp, weight 2.

Heavy Armor 1: AC 16, Stealth disadvantage, 750 sp, weight 3.

Heavy Armor 2: AC 17, Stealth disadvantage, 3,000 sp, weight 3.

3 thoughts on “Armor”

  1. How do you usually generate ability scores? Those Strength requirements for heavy armor are pretty high for 3d6ish, which I guess I do kinda like.

    Also, what’s the mechanical difference between weight 2 and weight 3? Is that supposed to be slot-based encumbrance?

    1. Yeah, I am going with slots. I plan to make a clean writeup of encumbrance together with travel procedures and lighting in the coming days.

      I am trying to stay with the default D&D 5th Ed. rules unless it’s something that really doesn’t fit the setting, or it is too impractical to use, like the pound-counting encumbrance system, and miles per hour travel speeds. Ability scores are best 3 out of 4d6, with six numbers being generated and assigned as the players wish.

    2. I just noticed that the Strength requirements are meant to only apply if Encumbrance isn’t used. I removed those from the heavy armors.

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