The most useless RPG advice ever

“If you want that, you really should be running a different game.”

That’s not advice. That’s just stupid. You might notice that it’s always “a different game”, never any actual specific game.

This is not helping. Never suggest this to anybody if you can’t recommend a specific system and explain why this might potentially be an interesting game to take into consideration for the campaign in question.

2 thoughts on “The most useless RPG advice ever”

  1. How about, “The game you are running won’t provide that.”?

    Both are saying the same thing. Stop beating your head against the wall trying to force a square peg into a round hole. Even without providing alternative, “rounder” games it is still helpful to know you should be looking. Like “Don’t eat that, it’s toxic.” is still useful advice even without providing alternative edibles.

  2. I think a lot of threads could be made more helpful if people would just answer OP’s question with their own opinion and not try to be “extra” helpful.

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