Fantasy Safari: Everything is trying to kill you!

And by that I mean everything!!! In D&D, nothing is safe!

Statues? Trying to kill you!

Caryatid Column
Caryatid Column (Fiend Folio, 1981)

Decorative Armor? Trying to kill you!

Helmed Horror
Helmed Horror (Monstrous Compendium Annual Vol. 1, 1994)

Mushrooms are trying to kill you!

Violet Fungus (Monster Manual, 1977)

That treasure chest? Trying to kill you!

Mimic (Monster Manual, 1977)

Coins? Trying to kill you!

Lock Lurker
Lock Lurker (Monstrous Compendium Annual Vol. 1, 1994)

Your sword? Trying to kill you!

Xaver (Monstrous Compendium Annual Vol. 1, 1994)

Your friends? Those are not your friends! They are trying to kill you!

Doppelganger (Monster Manual, 1977)

Stalagmites are killing you!

Roper (Monster Manual, 1977)

Stalagtites are killing you!

Piercer (Monster Manual, 1977)

A rock? Trying to kill you!


That cloak on the wall? Trying to kill you!

Cloaker (Monster Manual II, 1983)

The Wall is also trying to kill you.

Stunjelly (Fiend Folio, 1981)

As is the floor.

Trapper (Monster Manual , 1977)

And the ceiling.

Lurker (Monster Manual, 1977)

The hallway? Trying to kill you!

Greater Mimic
Greater Mimic (Ruins of Undermountain II, 1994)

That bridge? Trying to kill you, too!

Spanner (Fiend Folio, 1981)

The water? Trying to kill you!

Aballin (Fiend Folio Appendix, 1992)

Snow is also trying to kill you!

Snowflake Ooze
Snowflake Ooze (Monster Manual III, 2004)

That lovely oasis in the desert? Trying to Kill you!

Dune Trapper
Dune Trapper (Monstrous Compendium Dark Sun Appendix I, 1992)

Your pets? Trying to kill you!

Beasts of Xvim
Beasts of Xvim (Monsters of Faerûn, 2001)

Bunny on a tree stump? Trying to kill you!

Wolf-in-Sheep’s-Clothing (Monster Manual II, 1983)

Tumbleweed? Trying to kill you!

Plague Brush
Plague Brush (Fiend Folio, 2003)

Sea weed? Trying to kill you!

Kelp Angler
Kelp Angler (Fiend Folio, 2003)

Flowers too!

Death Blossoms
Death Blossoms (Monster Manual III, 2004)

And those garden plants want to especially kill you!

Topiary Guardians
Topiary Guardians (Monster Manual III, 2004)

Trust no one! Trust nothing! Set everything on fire! Kill it! Kill everything before it kills you!

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