Oh wow! I have readers!

Hey, I reached 50 comments on my posts. The visitor stats I have seem highly doubious and I think most of them are bots. But comments are actual readers who even have a strong enough oppinion about the stuff I write to make a reply to it. That gives me confidence that there’s a sizeable number of people reading this.

Though I wonder how they all get here? I don’t think there are a lot of links to this site other than various of my forum signatures.

(Oh, look! There’s a “Don’t track bots” option. I expect the visitor numbers to mostly evaporate now.)

2 thoughts on “Oh wow! I have readers!”

  1. I used to follow your Ancient Lands setting on Giant in the Playground when I was “active” there. I read most of your blog posts, though I will admit I tend to tune out when it comes to the Forgotten Realms material.

    I do enjoy your setting quite a bit, and your tumblr page is a very good collection for establishing the feeling you’re going for.

  2. I usually follow backlinks to your site through my own stats section. People from here come to my blog, I follow them back to your blog.

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