The paradox of starting a website

This isn’t the first website I started, but once again I am facing the same somewhat paradoxial problem:

To get my site known, draw in visitors, and show up on web searches, I have to have some quality content to show. However, if I am writing large post on the greatest ideas I have now when I still have barely any audience, almost nobody is ever going to read them and spread the word about them. RPG Bloggers won’t even list your site until you’ve been writing for at least three months. But if I just stick to writing trivia, I am never going to get a major audience.

So yeah… paradoxical.

3 thoughts on “The paradox of starting a website”

  1. I don’t know how much I’d count on RPG Bloggers. I’ve been blogging regularly for three YEARS and they’ve ignored multiple requests to list my website.

    Though related to the site, I would recommend removing the ‘Meta’ stuff from the website appearance or widgets or what-have-you.


    1. Good point. Maybe I’ll find another way to get an RSS button somewhere visible. The other stuff really isn’t important for visitors.

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