Shadow Magic

As mentioned in an earlier post, the Shattered Empire does not have an Ethereal Plane or Astral Plane, and instead their functions are added to the Plane of Shadow. Changes like these require a few adjustments to the rules of the game, and I also want the Plane of Shadow to have a prominent role in the setting. Mostly this affects a number of spells, and the Way of Shadow monk. Given the setting does only have characters up to 10th level, I’m only covering abilities within that range.

Shadow Arts: This ability allows monks to use 2 of their ki points to cast the darkness, darkvision, pass without trace, and silence spells, and the minor illusion cantrip without any limit. Since I also want to limit the amount of cantrips that can be cast between short rests, and monks regain their ki points at a short rest, the simple solution here is to simply make casting minor illusion cost 1 ki point. A monk’s minor illusions always look dull and faded or sound faint and distant. They can not be brightly colored or loud.

Shadow Step: This allows teleporting from one area of shadows to another that is within sight and 60 feet as a bonus action. When you enter the plane of shadow, you normally move around in it just as in the Material Plane, with every point in each plane having a corresponding point in the other. But since the distance of this ability is so short and the duration of the movement almost instantly, I am happy with going with the interpretation that each transfer between the two planes is slightly fuzzy and corresponding points don’t line up exactly. So what a Way of Shadow monk does is to begin a move into the Plane of Shadow but then stepping back into the Material Plane before fully crossing over, and having some control about in which spot he reappears.

Misty Escape: This ability for Archfey warlocks basically does the same thing as Shadow Step, but works as a reaction and only when the warlock takes damage and does not require shadows. The explanation for what actually happens is the same, with the warlock disappearing and reappearing in a cloud of black mist.

Armor of Shadows: When casting mage armor, the warlock’s clothes appear like covered in tar black grime and dust.

Light Spells: All spells creating light need a spell slot one level higher than normal to be cast on the Plane of Shadow. Just like any other light sources, the range of the light is reduced to half.

Armor of Agathys: The magical energies that make up the armor come from the Void in the deepest reaches of the Plane of Shadow and look like whirling swirls of blackness.

Arms of Hadar: The spell’s tendrils of energy are inky black and also come from the Void.

Banishment: This spell banishes a creature to the Plane of Shadow, to a spot corresponding to where it was on the caster’s plane. If cast on the Plane of Shadow, the target is banished to the Void instead.

Black Tentacles: The tentacles are made of shadows.

Darkness: When cast on the Plane of Shadow, light spells up to 3rd level are dispelled when they overlap.

Dimension Door: This spell sends the targeted creatures along the barrier between the Material Plane and Plane of Shadow, just like Shadow Step and blink. The targets disappear and reappear in a swirl of black mists.

Hunger of Hadar: The spell connects to the Void in the depths of the Plane of Shadows.

Mislead: This spell is added to the warlock spell list. When the spell ends, the illusion fades away into black, shadows mist.

Misty Step: The mist is black instead of silvery, and the spell works just like Shadow Step, blink, and dimension door.

Unseen Servant: The servant is faintly visible as a swirl of shadows when in bright light.

Shadow Walk

5th-level conjuration
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

This spell allows you to travel through the Plane of Shadows to cover great distances quickly. When casting this spell, you must be in an area of dim light or darkness and designate a specific direction and distance that you want to travel. The spell transfers you and up to eight willing creatures you touch to the Plane of Shadow, where a faintly visible trail indicates the path to the destination. While traveling along the path through the Plane of Shadow, you cover 6 miles for every 10 minutes of travel, regardless of your movement speed. At the end of the trail, a faintly bright portal leads the targets of the spell back to the Material Plane to a point within 3 miles of the designated destination point.

If your concentration on the spell fails, the trail fades away and the portal disappears, leaving everyone stranded on the Plane of Shadow. Casting the spell again while on the Plane of Shadow creates a new trail from your current position and a portal to return to the Material Plane. It is possible to simply continue moving through the Plane of Shadow to discover an existing stationary portal without following a trail, but maintaining a straight path is impossible and any creatures traveling though the Plane of Shadow without a trail become immediately hopelessly lost.

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