Trade Goods (updated for 5th Ed.)

I once made a list of alternative sources of treasures that could be found as bandit loot and the like. Since I am planning to run my next D&D campaign on Roll20 again, and I realized that it can automatically calculate encumbrance by pounds, there’s no need to use an inventory slot based system, and so we can just handle everything in pounds as it is. Here’s the same list of items and prices again, but with convenient weight units. Except for ale and wine, as that usually comes in common barrel sizes.

It’s been years since I made the original list, but from what I remember I did base the values on actual historical prices for the various goods that I could find.

Item Quantity Price
Grain 10 lb. 1 sp
Flour 10 lb. 2 sp
Salt 10 lb. 4 sp
Ginger 1 lb. 10 sp
Cinnamon or pepper 1 lb. 20 sp
Cloves 1 lb. 30 sp
Saffron 1 lb. 150 sp
Keg of ale 40 lb. 10 sp
Barrel of ale 400 lb. 100 sp
Keg of wine 40 lb. 20 sp
Barrel of wine 400 lb. 200 sp
Bottle of expensive wine 2 lb. 100 sp
Keg of expensive wine 40 lb. 2,000 sp
Canvas (12 sq. yd.) 10 lb. 12 sp
Cotton cloth (40 sq. yd.) 10 lb. 200 sp
Linen (24 sq. yd.) 10 lb. 1,200 sp
Silk (48 sq. yd.) 10 lb. 4,800 sp
Iron 1 lb. 1 sp
Copper 1 lb. 5 sp
Tin 1 lb. 20 sp
Silver 1 lb. 50 sp
Gold 1 lb. 250 sp

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