Records of Inixon, Day 19: Ocean’s Six

Day 19: 13th Day, 8th Month, Year 507

The group decided to follow up a lead that the merchant Perang had a daughter who was working in a tavern in a remote part of the harbor, and that her mother was from Inixon. The idea was to hang around the tavern for a while and let people overhear that they are planning to sail to Inixon and hoping that she would approach them about it. When they started trying to make some more obvious hints to the woman working behind the bar, she became worried and disappeared into the back rooms and said something to a big man working in the tavern.

Finan went around the tavern to see if she would come out at the back, and Alamar and Fhareza hung around on the street to keep watching the front door, while the rest returned to the ship. A while later, three men from the tavern approached Alamar and Fhareza to warn them that they are having an eye on them and don’t appreciate them them snooping around the tavern. Alamar dragged Fhareza along to do some more searching behind the tavern, where they were discovered by several men who told them they had been warned to stay away. Alamar and Fhareza made a run for it, and after shaking their pursuers returned to the ship as well.

As they had planned to rob Perang’s house and leave the port the same night, before someone came looking for them about the killings in the Lockbox, it was decided to forget about talking with the daughter and instead come up with a new plan. Finan, Ilmari, and Fhareza went to hide at the bridge connecting to Perang’s island and ambushed two of his guards as they left the house at sunset. They quickly took them back to their ship, which was already anchored nearby, and Sagari had the others put him into a locked room on the ship with one of the prisoners. He charmed the prisoner as he was waking up and told him that someone had captured them to get information about Perang’s house, but he didn’t know anything about it. The charmed prisoner was easily convinced to draw a simple map of the main floor of the mansion that they could give to their captors.

With this new information, they returned to the rocky island and broke into a locked door at the docks, that looked to have been unused for years, and was presumably leading up to the kitchen’s basements near the top of the spire. At the top of the first stairs they came to a small room that had a little bit of moonlight come in through tiny windows with iron bars, when suddenly everything became pitch black and they were attacked by small flying creatures jumping them from the ceiling. Two of them grabbed on to Sagari’s and Finan’s heads and tried to strangle them, while Haren and Ilmari were successfully fighting off two more of them in the darkness. As the creatures were getting hit by their blades, the darkness lifted and they were revealed as dark gray flying squids with long tentacles. After a dangerous fight in which darkness filled the room a second time and Sagari was quite severely beaten up, three of the creatures were killed and the last one escaped through the window into the night.

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