Records of Inixon, Day 2 (continued)

Day 2 (12th Day, 7th Month, Year 507)

After having defeated the priest, the party searched the rest of the temple and discovered two prisoners in the basement guarded by a large snake.

Alamar: Murya nobleman and warlock.
Ilmari: Kuri rogue and sage.

The two had been ambushed in the inn two days ago and had been kept in the temple since then.

They looked out the windows to see that the remaining acolyte had gathered more cultists in the temple grounds that were guarding the only two doors with two large guard beasts. They came up with a plan to open the main doors of the temple to lure the cultists inside the main hall, where the rogues and warlock could shot at them from a balcony at the upper level while Haren and Karim were keeping them from getting deeper inside the temple. (And Tarani guarded the prisoners.)

As the cultists rushed inside the first ones went down in the arrows and magic raining down on them. But they kept coming and piled up in a heap at Haren’s feet. Alerted by the noise of fighting, the cultists guarding the back door came running around the building and the two guard beasts rushed through the door just as the last survivor of the first group made it out. One of the best tore into Karim and had him collapse on the floor, so Alamar jumped down from the balcony to save him. In the end, the last three cultists standing turned around to retreat, but Haren managed to knock one of them out before he made it through the temple gates.

The surviving cultists were all tied up and taken to a store room and Alamar decided to interrogate the two acolytes, who confirmed earlier information that the headquarters of the cult were located at an abandoned town where the river ran into the sea, and that they had been capturing and converting villagers and travelers for the last two months.

They decided to interrogate the deranged priest in the main temple room that was still covered in corpses. But before they could get him to tell them anything, he simply used his magic to command them to release him. They untied his hands and he made a run for the door, but wasn’t able to make it to safety before Ilmari came to his senses and shot a blast of ice after him. Unfortunately he had not been able to heal himself while he was tied up and so died on the steps of the temple.

The remaining prisoners were taken to the basement and the cages of the guard beasts and given food and water while the party returned to the elderman’s house to report the events at the temple. The plan was made to spend the night at the empty house of Brian and to take a boat down the river the following day.

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