There’s an OSR survey going on

Necropraxis and Questing Beast are doing a survey of what people associate with the label OSR.

I wrote about just that last month, and as someone who has taken classes on doing surveys of this kind, it makes a really good impression on me. It looks like they actually plan to do real statistical analysis on the data.

Somehow I only noticed it now, so its existence doesn’t seem to be much known. As someone who isn’t really an OSR creator (I don’t like D&D and not doing Artpunk material myself), posting it here might catch some people who are also not part of the inner circle. I think getting data from people on the sidelines also filling out the survey should be very valuable for an analysis of the phenomenon. Though if you never had any interest in OSR material, there’s probably not many answers to give.

One thought on “There’s an OSR survey going on”

  1. Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m probably old school, but I have little interest in any form of D&D, so I hadn’t yet come across this poll.

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