Do you want to build a castle?

Even when you think you already know quite a lot about a topic, sometimes you still come across popular TV documentaries that still show you something new.

This five part series on experimental archeology building an entire 13th century castle is really quite impressive. There’s not any big groundbreaking discoveries being revealed, but to me it includes lots of little insights into how things were actually done in the Middle Ages and especially in the actual realities of medieval industry. It’s a little gold mine in ideas how to make your fantasy villages more than just the Generic Medieval Farming Village that you run across all the time.

I very much recommend watching it to anyone interested in what medieval life probably looked like.

They look like us, but they are not us

They look like people, and they talk like people. But they don’t think like people, and they don’t feel like people.

They are unable to feel compassion for mortals, and they are selfish beings, rarely thinking of anyone else. They are volatile and erratic, but not easily harmed, and strike out at each other without thought. When they get agitated, things get broken. And they get agitated easily.

They are always dangerous to be around, even when they like you. They are proud and easy to anger, but you must never go with them.