5th Edition Classes for an Ancient Lands Campaign

Whether the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons is really suitable for a campaign in my Ancient Lands setting mostly comes down to the character classes. My approach to magic and supernatural or superhuman abilities is quite different to that of generic D&D from the recent past, but on a closer look the classes from the Player’s Handbook actually would need very little work to be perfectly suitable. By and large, simply removing some of the options was all it takes to make the classes into something that is perfectly appropriate for my setting.

These are the classes I intend to use for my new campaign next year:

Barbarian: No changes.

Druid (Shaman): Only Circle of the Land archetype. Looses Wild Shape ability, gains Bardic Inspiration, Song of Rest, and Countercharm as the Bard class.

Fighter: Only Champion and Battlemaster archetypes.

Ranger: No changes.

Rogue: Only Thief and Assassin archetypes.

Wizard (Witch): Only Divination, Enchantment, Illusion, and Transmutation archetypes. No spellbook, spells known as sorcerer.

Maximum Character Level: All PCs and NPCs can only advance to 10th level.

Multiclassing: Unrestricted.

Feats: No feats. (It’s an additional level of complexity I don’t want to bother with.)

Spellcasting: All spellcasting uses the Spell Point variant.

Spells: The spell lists for rangers, shamans, and witches will have to get some considerable changes, but that’s somehing that is going to take a bit longer and will be covered in a separate post.

3 thoughts on “5th Edition Classes for an Ancient Lands Campaign”

    1. Aside from the PHB and MM, and that after throwing half the content out. The rest of their 5th Edition stuff doesn’t look like I’d ever want to play it. And the system of 5th Edition does actually adress a lot of the things I really didn’t like about the d20 system.

  1. Yeah it does rectify a lot of problems. I suppose I shouldnt be surprised that a prolific system customizer like yourself would like 5e since its often praised for being very hackable and having a very solid base on which to construct home rules.

    Personally thought I thought I was gonna see a post on here about Castles and Crusades before I saw one about 5e. Im glad you like it though, your changes look cool.

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