I think I’ll write a book

Three, actually. I have been working on the Old World campaign setting for years and have long planned to compile all the material and release it as a free download when it’s done. By now, I think the worldbuilding is pretty much completed and now I only have to write it all down. It’s not nearly as big a world as the Ancient Lands grew to be, but don’t expect it to be out this year.

I also got a good a good list of some 80 creatures inhabiting the Old World, almost all of which already have stats for use in OSR games. Again, I only have to write down the description of each creature and then release it as a stand alone document. This one might be done sometime this year.


But now over the last weeks I’ve been doing a lot of reading and tinkering with rules and systems to run a sandbox campaign in the Old World. And the amount of material I collected and improved upon turned out to be quite a lot. So much stuff that it would be a major part of an Old World campaign setting document, and also easily enough to make it another stand alone work that can be used for all campaign settings. Aside from rules for Encumbrance that can actually be used, a system to very easily track random encounters and overland travel with a minimum amount of work, and a just as simple mechanic for food and water supplies, I also learned a lot about populating a sandbox with people and sites that are actually interesting and designed to get players involved in ongoing events instead of being semi-random dungeon crawls. This is a rather different beast from the many guides and tutorials about hexcrawls that are around (in fact, they aren’t used in my rules) and I think an approach to running sandboxes that should be much more accessible to people under 30 who started with roleplaying games only this century. However, this would really be an instruction manual and guidebook, and actually explaining things in a way that is not confusingly rambling is a lot more different than describing some creatures or locations.

I really want to do this, but with this one I feel very certain that this isn’t going to be finished within the next 12 months.

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